Umbria by Bike

These days one of the most requested holidays in Europe is the bike tour, a relaxing holiday where you can discover the amazing views that our land gives to us, ideal to spend time with your friends . It was born in the North-Europe countryes but now is becaming famous even in our land. Actually we don’t know why the bike tours in Umbria are increasing more and more, it could be a trend or maybe a status symbol or because immersing yourself into our extraordinary nature and into the incredible history of our burgs means feel immediately benefits both in your body and in your soul. The bike tour is not a long holiday, it could be enough just a couple of days or a weekend, and you don’t absolutely have to be a professional cyclist. The bike tour in umbria will take you through Sagnantino’s hills and the montefalco’s, bevagna’s, trevi’s, spello’s and rasiglia’s roads. Inside the companies that work for it there is even Italia in Campagna, a real tour operator that organize in Umbria an insane tour called “Umbria by Bike ilGaribaldi Tour”: some days going around the most known towns, stopping at noon in the wine cellars for degustations and light meals, overnight staying in excellent castels, relais and agritourisms. The whole day you will be followed by a guide who will take you to the places and a little bus that will follow you helping for all the eventual problems. Il garibaldi tour is just a perfect break from your life.

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