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Umbria the green heart of Italy

Umbria the green heart of Italy, has been awarded for Travel Appeal and for its hospitality at the last TTG, meeting of Rimini, edition from 12 to 14 October 2017.

The last TTG, international exhibition of Tourism and Holidays, brought luck to the green heart of Italy that has received a very important and essential award, like one of the most hospitable Italy’s regions. Umbria the green heart of Italy has got 7,3 million of reviews online in 200.000 italian’s structures, that brought it at the second “Premio Italia Destinazione Digitale”. An award that hopes Tourism and Holidays for the bookings in this days and for the next festivity like New Year 2018 in Umbria. It’s a finish line for all the operators of this sector and for the Region Umbria, that worked together in these years to improve all the services.
The passwords: Tourism and Holidays, Hospitality and services and Umbria the green heart of Italy become one of the region that has got award as best Italian places to stay.
Among the tourists there is satisfaction, all the people that went at the Umbrian or Italian’s hotels let a positive reviews, in fact the Tourism and Holidays of our region is getting better.
The services are improving with the installation of wi-fi in the hotels and the cleaning of the rooms, that are positive point for the next New Year 2018.
So good job and keep on like this!

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