With the outbreak of covid-19 spreading, everything stopped. We can only write, cook and imagine!

Everything stopped, We went from having a hectic life to having nothing,  in the blink of an eye our life changed in a few days.
We stay at home, respecting all the rules imposed by politicians, doctors and scientists; Respect them all together, staying at home; and, not hindering the work and efforts of those who, in this period, in hospitals throughout Italy, are using all their energies to defeat this enemy, called ” new coronavirus”.
During this quarantine, what we do most gladly is write, cook and imagine! The days seem very long and we have time to do everything we love. Each of us has created his own technological environment, his own fort from where he comes up with fantasy by posting photos or memories stored inside his smartphone. We used to making our “green” Umbria known around the world, with its Farmhouses in Umbria, Hotel, Relais, Villas with the brand “ItaliainCampagna”; Now  we are  getting used to this new life and this new way of work. We try to carry on our work, staying at home, writing daily articles and curiosities about our region Umbria and, sharing them; hoping that this whole situation will end soon and we can return to our normality.

These days, where we are all distant but close, we are specializing in creating new home-made dishes, home-made bread, home-made pasta, pies and many other specialties that we hope, in a few months, you can taste  in our Farmhouses in Umbria.

This “getting busy” should be used to not be left alone and to try to keep alive on the web the most beautiful Italian places. This period should be used to make known all our beautiful Umbrian and Italian places, rich in art, traditions, food and wine and, to lay the foundations for a restart that we all hope will happen as soon as possible.

Per favore seguici e metti mi piace: